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Business Owner Review :  Mail Order Pro
Small Business Customer Management Software

I’ve hobbled along using the program offered by PC Innovations called Mail Order Pro for over a decade now.  I was looking online for other peoples’ review of this program which is used for customer and order management for small to medium sized businesses, but I could find none. . .so I’ve decided to post my own review here on one of my websites.

Bottom line:  I do not recommend this program.

1.  I have always been proud of the customer service my own businesses have provided to our customers.  I am available via phone both during and after business hours (being a small businessman, I am never “off”), but I found with the ONE PERSON who “works” at and ostensibly owns PC Innovations, the provider of Mail Order Pro, that they are hardly ever available by phone -- OR email.

Do not be fooled by the professional sounding voicemail system, which gives the air of PC Innovations being a small to medium sized business with multiple employees, but I have found there is only one guy running the entire business.  Barry.  He is friendly enough at first, but when a problem arises with using the program he becomes increasingly harder to get a hold of and much less accommodating to your needs as a client.

Personally, when switching to a new computer, as we all must do, I was missing a software patch which allows more than 100 items to be entered into inventory in the program.  The patch is not included on the installation discs, but rather emailed.  I lost this patch and although I have paid for the software, the owner of Mail Order Pro refused to re-send me the patch, rendering the program I paid for to be useless.

2.  The manual explaining how to use the program is highly deficient.  It is filled with general language and un-specific instructions.  Many of the topics surrounding the use of the Mail Order Pro program are not expounded upon properly enough to make clear the operation in a new user’s mind.

3.  The interface for things like inventory tracking, sales data analysis, and non-credit card payments is very out-dated, cumbersome, and not user friendly.  There are no screen shots in the manual to aid understanding.  If you can figure out how to use the program, you’ll find it lacking in power.

So why did I use the program for 10 years?

Because I paid for it.  I took the time to learn it.  It did work to a degree, enough to allow me to conduct business.  I figured out a few little ins and outs of the program that allowed me to do things the way I wanted to do them, but the instruction manual had little to do with this and the program’s lack of options and power allowed me to “trick” it into doing certain things.

The program does work, you CAN use it effectively, but I cannot put any sort of positive recommendation on Mail Order Pro customer management software by PC Innovations for small business.  My advice is to pay the higher price tag for a more robust software package, a larger pool of employees for advice and help, and overall less hassle.

Mail Order Pro will not grow with your business.  Your business will outgrow Mail Order Pro and then you will be forced with the decision to either hobble along (like I did), or change software totally (which is a giant hassle).

Do not be fooled by the professional website, promises, and friendly nature of “Barry” -- IF you can even get him on the phone.

What company does not offer an email address on their website?  That is your first sign that PC Innovations should be carefully considered.

Good Luck in your business and your search for software...

Matt Jones,
Small Business Owner for 15 Years